Top Athlete Interview – VLS300

Player’s Information:

  • Name: Marta Menegatti
  • Country : Italy
  • Occupation: Professional Beach Volleyball Player
  • Position: Right side

Past records and rankings:

  • FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships Mazury 2013: 5th place
  • London 2012 Olympic Games: 5th place
  • 2012 CEV U23 Beach Volleyball European Championships: 2nd place
  • FIVB Beach Volleyball Swatch World Championships Rome 2011: 9th place
  • 2011 CEV Beach Volleyball European Championships: 1st place
  • 2009 CEV U20 Beach Volleyball European Championships: 1st place

Player’s Profile:

Marta Menegatti started playing indoor volleyball when she was 9 years old, and she decided to leave from indoor volleyball to beach volleyball in the summer of 2009. Although she has been a professional beach volleyball player for only 4 years, in addition to her age, she grew into one of the best and renowned players in the world. Moreover, she is selected and rewarded as the most improved player by FIVB in 2011. She has hidden potential to leave her mark on the history of beach volleyball.

Durability on VLS300

The MIKASA VLS300 is made of an exclusive, water resistant, micro fiber material which provides that ‘broken in’ softness desired immediately paralleled with the durability and strength required by the world’s best athletes. This ball also offers an authentic MIKASA interlocking stitch technology known as “TwinSTLock” which basically resists the seams from expanding as a traditional machine or hand stitching allows. This innovative technology maintains the true roundness shape of the ball keeping in the highest international standards set forth by the FIVB.

Visibility / Design of VLS300

The MIKASA VLS300 has a vivid “Royal Blue, White and Bright Yellow” coloring scheme which makes the ball very visible for both players and spectators during these high speed games. As a beach volleyball player, the unique design and vivid contrasting colors allows me to react quickly toward the ball in order to dig or receive. The coloring scheme of Mikasa VLS300 is simply great!

Soft Touch of VLS300

The MIKASA VLS300 has a very nice soft, supple cover material which provides a soft touch. Providing a soft touch ball is extremely important when receiving it and directing it to the setter. Additionally the softer surface of the VLS300 removes the sting often associated with the sport of beach volleyball and allows for a more enjoyable experience from all levels of play.

High Water Resistance of VLS300

Through innovative material development and unmatched stitching capabilities the MIKASA VLS300 offers a near water proof game ball. This is extremely important as many materials absorb water creating a heavier ball which causes for an erratic flight patterns, inconsistent setting passes and is associated with the increase of severe shoulder injuries.

Controllability of VLS300

As an attacker, it is very important for us to control and handle the ball when we attack. The controllability of VLS300 by the soft touch and grip performance helps the players to attack the ball accurately and aggressively with confidence.

Overall Comment of VLS300

The MIKASA VLS300 is, hands down, the best beach volleyball ever developed. This ball brings out the best performance by the best athletes around the globe and the FIVB recognizes that level of commitment and honors MIKASA with the title ‘‘Exclusive Game Ball of the FIVB’’. I strongly recommend this ball for all levels of play. Get your MIKASA VLS300 today!

FIVB “exclusive” official game ball
The ball of choice for Major International Competitions.



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