Top Athlete Interview – W6009W


  • Name: Courtney Mathewson
  • Team: USA water polo national team
  • Position: Attacker


  • 2012 London Olympic, Gold Medal
  • Four goals for Team USA at the 2012 FINA World League Super Final
  • Fourteen goals on the way to a Gold Medal and Olympic berth at the 2011 Pan American Games
  • Four goals in the deciding match of the Pan American Games, a 27-26 victory over Canada
  • 2011 FINA World League Super Final in Tianjin, China, Gold Medal

What drives you to be a water polo player?

I like competition, training and team sports. While playing water polo, you get to know the teammates very well in both of their good days and bad days. On a game day, you try to play the best you can to make teammates better, and this is what I like about the team sport.

Are there any players who motivated you to be a good water polo player?

I played collegiately at UCLA, and it was a great pleasure to play with Kelly Rulon, who is a 2 time Olympian.
Coralie Simmons who played at UCLA and won silver medal at the Olympics in Sydney is another player whom I look up to. It was a great experience that she coached me at UCLA.

How do you like W6009W?

It is a great ball and I really like it. As I grew up always playing with Mikasa balls since I started to play the sport at about 8 years old, it feels great in my hands. I have small hands, so it is very important that balls have a good grip also as an attacker to shoot and fake. I love it especially when it is brand new. It is the best as water rolls right off of them.
Mikasa water polo ball is quite high quality and has great grip, which lasts longer than any other balls which seem to lose grip completely at some point.
The color of W6009W is very unique too and easy to identify in the water. I feel more comfortable playing with Mikasa balls than any other balls. I feel secure to play with Mikasa, as I have total control. With the great grip of the Mikasa ball, you don’t have to worry about losing control in the water, and you can totally concentrate on the game.

FINA official game ball for women
The ball of choice for Major International Competitions.



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