Interview with Thailand National Team Players


  • Name: Mr. Ratdech Kruatiwa (Nick Name: J.O.)
  • Club Team: TEW PAI NGAM Basketball Club, Thailand Basketball Association Team
  • Position: Shooting Forward

Outstanding Careers

  • A Member of Thailand National Team Since 2005 – Present
  • MVP of Thailand King’s Cup in 1999 & 2000 for 2 consecutive years
  • 2nd Place in 3 point shooting contest, Adidas Streetball Challenge Asia in South Korea
  • Played in Premier Basketball League (PBL) in U.S.A.
    ■ 2008 signed contract with Rochester Razor Sharks
    ■ 2007 signed contract with Maryland Nighthawks

International Highlights

  • 2013 participating in the 27th SEA Games, Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar
  • 2011 2nd place in the 26th SEA Games, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • 2007 4th place in the 24th SEA Games, Nakhon Rachasima, Thailand
  • 2006 Gold Medal Winning in ASEAN University Games in Hanoi, Vietnam


  • Name: Miss. Chonticha Chirdpetcharat (Nick Name: Nok)
  • Club Team: Bangkok Bank Sport Club & Basketball Club of Srisaket Province
  • Position: Power Forward / Shooting Guard

Outstanding Careers

  • One of the Sport Presenters in Thailand
  • A Member of Thailand National Team Since 1999 – Present
  • The Team Captain of Thailand Women Basketball National Team for 27th SEA Games, Myanmar 2013.

International Highlights

  • 2011 Gold Medal Winning in the 26th SEA Games, Indonesia
  • 2007 2nd place in the 24th SEA Games, Thailand
  • 2010 5th place in the 16th ASIAN Games, China

SEABA ZONE Championships

  • 2010: 2nd Place
  • 2007: 1st Place
  • 2004: 2nd Place
  • 2002: 1st Place
  • 1999: 2nd Place

General Feeling about BD2000 / BDC2000

It is a great ball. We play with this ball day and night. The “Double Dimple” of the BD2000/BDC2000 combines a better gripping power with a gentle touch.
Also, even if you play with the BD2000 / BDC2000 for a long period of time, the ball rebound and its performace are stable. We can use the Mikasa balls for a long time without any problems. This can be said for all the balls produced by Mikasa, but the ball quality seems to be more consistent from one ball to another.
It is important for players to know the ball when you are playing in matches, and Mikasa clearly provides consistent, great quality balls which are good for players.

The Advantage to play with BD2000 / BDC2000

Because BD2000 / BDC2000 have stable performance for a long period of time, and it has consistant quality from one ball to another, we do not much worry about the ball even though we play with it all the time.

The Best Characteristic of BD2000 / BDC2000

It is a really durable ball with a powerful grip and a great gentle touch.
It is very comfortable playing and very suitable for basketball.

The difference between BD2000 / BDC2000 and the ball the athletes used to play

We used to play with other branded balls than Mikasa before. We feel that the BD2000/ BDC2000 are easy to control when we play with the ball and the cover material fits comfortably in our hands.

The ball of choice for Major International Competitions.
Size 7



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