SKV5 User Interview

My name is Nils Persson and I am 6 years old. I play in Falkenbergs Volleyball Club in Sweden. I am Gunnar Karrbrant, volleyball coach from Falkenbergs Volleyball Club in Sweden.

Message from Nils

I love Mikasa ball. It feels like a sponge. It’s not like other normal volleyballs. Everything with Kids Volleyball is fun, practice and matches. To jump, play, run and catch the ball is great fun. I like all kind of sports and especially sports with speed and balls. I also think my coaches here in Falkenberg are very good.

Message from Mr. Karrbrant

We only use Mikasa volleyballs, simply because it is the best on the market!
We feel that the SKV5 is a better starter ball for beginners. Not only is it a soft ball but also very easy to handle.
Kids Volleyball in Scandinavia has a new way to practice and play where the objective is to be able to choose volleyball as a sport already at a young age. Kids Volleyball may be started at age 6 and the game form is adapted for younger children. A smaller court & lower net is used. There are 4 players on each side of the net and instead of playing normal volleyball, we start with throwing and catching the ball. You rotate each time the ball is thrown over the net so it is a fun game format with lots of movement and a high tempo.
Kids volleyball is adapted to the children’s age and development, but at the same time very much resembles normal volleyball. SKV5 is absolutely perfect for children 6・8 years old, making it easier to learn the basic volleyball skills.




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