Interview – FT-5

Pepe Suarez

  • Founder of the professional team of the Catholic College in Ecuador
  • Played for 8 consecutive years as Catholic College team captain
  • Champions of the league in 1965

Comment on FT-5

Mikasa balls don’t change in anything. They are particularly durable.That is why in the neighborhood leagues it is very common to find only Mikasa balls.
Because everyone has already found out that it is the ball that lasts the longest and not only does it last it maintains the roundness of the ball.
This ball is used in EcuaVolley, because it has a good weight and it is slightly hard in the beginning.
The ball is definitely liked by the people and at the professional level.After use, the ball becomes soft.

About FT-5

FT-5 is a pioneer of football in the world. The ball design is highly regarded and also has been recognized for its high durability for several decades.
Even though FT-5 is used in rough fields for a long time, you can keep using the ball without any problems.
Thus, the current position and reputation for a “long-lasting ball” have been established. The ball is loved in many countries, and it keeps giving the fun of football to players around the world.

The ball of choice for Major International Competitions.



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