Delivering smiles to the world through sports and wellness

We manufacture and sell sports equipment, with a focus on volleyballs, soccer balls, basketballs, handballs, dodgeballs, water polo balls, and various other balls for competitive use. Our volleyballs are especially prominent, as they have been used as the official volleyball of the Olympic games for more than a half century since its adoption during the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, and it has been decided that they will be the exclusive official ball for all volleyball and beach volleyball tournaments hosted by the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) until 2024. The responsibility and objective of the Mikasa brand is to deliver the joy and fulfillment produced by sports and exercise across generations and borders.



Technical capabilities that have been passed down to support society and
protect the Earth's environment

We manufacture industrial rubber products that include submerged bearings and rubber covers for ship propulsion along with pumps and rubber rolls that are used on production lines for iron manufacturing, papermaking, and resin plates. Our submerged bearings, that use water lubrication with no oil, have received especially high praise from around the world as an environmentally-friendly product and are very widely used on large ferries, warships, patrol boats, cargo ships, fishing boats, and for coolant pumps at nuclear and thermal power plants, and as drainage pumps for water intake and flood control at the Bureau of Waterworks and the Bureau of Sewage. Technical capabilities that support social infrastructure are our driving force, and we will continue to pass them down with care.

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