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We shall not provide the personal information that was entrusted to us in e-mails to third parties in a way that makes it possible to personally identify the person to whom such information applies, except in cases where we obtain the prior consent of the person to whom such information applies or except in cases where there are justifiable grounds to do so.

Collection of specified or unspecified information: We do not collect information on persons who access this website, where such information can be used to identify the information owner (name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.), without their consent.

On the other hand, on this website we may collect information that cannot be used to personally identify the persons accessing it.These pieces of information may be used to improve this website.

Links to this website

If you would like place a link to this website, please contact us in advance.If you wish to link to this website.

However, please note that the address and contents of this website is subject to change without notice. We bear no responsibility for websites that link to our website.

Exemption from responsibility

The information on this website may contain inaccuracies or typographical errors.In addition, the contents of this website and any information posted on this website about products or services are subject to change without notice.

If you wish to use the information posted on this website, please note that you do so at your responsibility and your own discretion according to your purpose of use.

In addition, please be aware in advance that we assume no responsibility for any damages that occur as a result of your use of the information, products and services posted on this website.

The information, products and services that have been published on this website do not constitute a guarantee of any kind with regards to merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement of intellectual property rights.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.

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