Pealess Whistle


feature High Volume and Clear Sound
Suitable for Volleyball and Other Sports
With Nylon Strap (with Safety Device)
Body: 6.5g
Material: ABS Resin
Country: Japan

Clear Sound

We set our developmental goal to produce a whistle where the sound is able to be carried clearly to players that can still be heard above a cheering crowd. We made a thorough study of how players hear the sound of the whistle during volleyball games in order for the players to hear the whistle when play needs to be stopped. We not only studied but also field tested the whistle, and finally found the optimum sound quality we wanted.

Easy to Blow

We readjusted the basic design and improved airtightness and efficient airstream, which achieve a stable sound.


The referees hold the whistle for long periods of time during a game. We sought to reduce the referees’ physical fatigue with a lightweight ergonomically designed whistle.

Health and Safety Conscious

After careful research, we have made the strap strong but light weight. To avoid accidents of the strap being wrapped around the referee’s neck, the strap will come off when it is pulled with a certain force.

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