MIKASA launches new beach volleyball at Beach Pro Tour Finals, Historic ‘best ever beach volleyball’ hits the sand in Doha

MIKASA Corporation (Headquarters: Hiroshima City, Japan; President: Yuji Saeki; hereinafter referred to as “MIKASA”), a manufacturer of inflatable athletic game balls for more than 100 years, are delighted to have unveiled an all new, state-of-the-art and eco-friendly beach volleyball set to enhance the sport for players and fans around the world.







The new ball, officially titled the Beach Pro BV550C, made its debut at Volleyball World’s Beach Pro Tour Finals in Doha, with the first serve set for 26 January.

With decades of knowhow from years of extensive research and development, MIKASA have used feedback from the world’s best players and coaches to develop a ball that incorporates cutting-edge, environmentally friendly technology.

A unique dimpled surface enhances grip and control and enables delicate fingertip ball control. New technology also reduced water absorption while a new valve shape insures less air leakage and damage. It’s surface design also reflects MIKASA’s partnership with Volleyball World and increases visibility during play.

Comprehensive environmental efforts have been made in the production of the new ball, with the application of synthetic leather with recycled nylon for the first time in Mikasa’s history. Furthermore, solvent-based inks are no longer used.

“We are proud to incorporate MIKASA’s outstanding technology into the best ball and are confident that we provide you with this ball and it will bring out your best performance on the sand under the flaming sun.” – MIKASA

“MIKASA say ‘better ball, better game’ and with this new ball, we are looking forward to seeing more breathtaking play on the sand across the Beach Pro Tour for seasons to come,” says Volleyball World CEO Finn Taylor.

“Beach volleyball is synonymous with MIKASA and we’re proud to be associated with a brand who share similar values when it comes to sustainability, performance, design and fun. This ball has the lot.

“While the ball will be held in the hands of some of the world’s greatest professional athletes, it is also one which will be served and spiked by millions of players across the globe who play for fun.

“With a design that promises better gameplay, we can’t wait to see it flying over the new on the Beach Pro Tour through 2023 and beyond.”






*Circumference:  66-68cm
*Weight:  260-280g
*Synthetic Leather
*Country of Origin:  Thailand

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